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  • n. A protein substance in blood plasma that participates in and is essential for the blood-clotting process. A deficiency of this factor is the cause of Christmas disease.


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  • So angry was Matapuu, that he strode suddenly over to the fire-tender and kicked him in the ribs, whereupon the old savage emitted an appalling squeal, pig-like in its wild-animal fear, and fell face downward in the ashes and lay quivering in momentary expectation of death.

    Chapter 25

  • For several hours, I had heard a pig-like laughter-howling-type of sound in the store next to mine (thin walls) .. so when she arrived, I guess she could be the maker of those sounds?

    Crazy? Ig’nint? | My[confined]Space

  • "The X-Files"/"Home": Widely considered the most disturbing episode on a show known for its often chilling content, "Home" finds Agents Mulder and Scully investigating the discovery of a dead baby, and ultimately finding their way to a family of mutants that includes two sons with noses that -- sensing a trend here -- are kind of pig-like.

    Friday list: The scariest TV moments ever

  • There's Mr. Beezley, with his tattooed hands and icy stare; and Mr. Moyle, with his pig-like face and rotten teeth, who supposedly eats children.

    The Castaways by Iain Lawrence: Book summary

  • The Collared Peccary is the only wild, native, pig-like animal found in the United States.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • But he nearly screamed when she succumbed to that caress so at the very first of the courtship and mowed and gibbered and squealed little, queer, pig-like gurgly noises of delight.


  • This year, Mr. Tompkins says he plans to release pig-like peccarys to the area, followed by South America's largest native land mammal, the tapir.

    U.S. Millionaire Cultivates South American Park Plan

  •  For suddenly I saw my people like I was having an early-morning dream in color — an endless swarm of pig-like creatures crawling through the mud between the factory and the kitchen, the used-parts stores and the Nearly New, picking up what trash and government cheese they could find to patch their lives together until it all became the one, the ever-lasting, dreadful day.

    Magnets of Faith and Knowing

  • Neither does it make a pig-like appearance mandatory.

    Day 4 of 14: Brother Can You Spare $15.95?

  • The game, which features bubbly headed peevish birds that fight pig-like creatures, has been No. 1 in iPhone games in the U.S. and 70 other nations.

    Japan iPhone Craze Attracts Global App Developers


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