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  • n. A generalized term of abuse.
  • n. One who has sex with overweight women.
  • n. A police informant.


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pig +‎ fucker.


  • I imagine I wouldn't have made it long before 1) breaking down laughing at the whole scene, saying "I can't believe you would invite me, I think you people are scum, c'mon!" or 2) just getting angry as little lord bushleroy started pouting, called him a "pigfucker", slammed down the mic and announced that I was leaving.

    Colbert Rips the President a New One

  • Yes, I was going to call him a weaselly pigfucker, but I think you put it more succinctly and articulately than I could.

    McCain: Pressure On Us To Have Debate Tomorrow Is Obama's Fault

  • I think the biggest fear we should all have in this current situation with that pigfucker in the white house is the many unconstitutional precedents set by the Bush administration.

    Why Obama's Support For FISA Cave-In Is Such A Downer

  • The wheat to chaff ratio can get pretty craptacular when even a small portion of the public realizes that they can digitally yell pigfucker at the top of their lungs without getting the beatdown that they so richly deserve.

    Matthew Yglesias » How Dare They?!?!?

  • We love you and want to know about your life, pigfucker!

    I am a bad, bad man…. « Skid Roche

  • What else ... last night my little pigfucker brought us a new TV to go with the DVD player!

    Role-Reversal, Ass-Pumping and Goodbyes

  • The pigfucker who signed this defective warrant without the necessary evidence: what's new online!

  • Oh, also, Happy2BFree's god is a genocidal pigfucker of epic proportions.

    Planet Atheism

  • It has nothing to do with science, even if he had instead called McIntyre a pigfucker. what's new online!

  • The left exploded with anger, calling Mr. Rove everything within our collective lexicon of wonderfully imaginative terms -- skank, whore, douchebag, pigfucker -- and demanded his resignation or apology or both.

    June 2005


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