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  • n. Plural form of pigfucker.


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  • Well, at least there's not some kind of law that forces you to give those dirty pigfuckers at the insurance companies your money.

    good news/bad news

  • I want Diane Reeves to stand on a chair, shouting in her high, quavery voice, You know what, you pigfuckers?

    Things That I Am Ridiculously Proud Of

  • The WB, pigfuckers all, decided to run Gilmore Girls long tonight without any notice in the guide, so our Tivo cut off a minute or two early.

    But why is the Internet gone?

  • But our NBC affiliate, like most of them, it seems, is still staffed by bottom-feeding pigfuckers.

    More underwhelmingness

  • God and the pigfuckers -- the ultimate tag-team travel nightmare tags

    Last post before leaving

  • God and the pigfuckers -- the ultimate tag-team travel nightmare

    Last post before leaving

  • I'll be at the office tomorrow, at least, so fast connection time then, regardless of what the pigfuckers at Bellsouth do.

    Things that suck:

  • Most pigfuckers I have known don't understand sarcasm, let alone snark, and just have a dim suspicion they are being made fun of.

    Wonkette » top

  • I do know that the pigfuckers that think they run the place are very capable of setting this up like they did Mumbai … so I would be very suspicious of any official explanation.


  • why, oh why did you have to post a photo of Stryper? for the love of god, man. that was the worst band to ever play a power chord. what a bunch of pigfuckers.

    Cape Fear: Cycling Fashion's Reign of Terror Continues


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