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  • adv. In a pigheaded manner.


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  • In its opposition to the AT&T and T-Mobile deal, Justice pigheadedly refuses to credit the wide-open, evolving nature of the network operation business.

    Wi-Fi and the Mobile Meltdown

  • And he had been blind about this, pigheadedly certain that what came from the unprecedented meta-crisis was another him.

    Fic: Like Gum on Your Shoe Part 3/10, Adult Eventually, AU from JE

  • Because, um, maybe that's true when you're a city mayor haven't got that much juice, but when you're President of the United States, making stuff up and then pigheadedly acting on it has HUGE consequences.

    Rudy: Expecting Me To Tell Truth Is "Quibbling"

  • And it is to America's eternal disgrace that a country like Russia is on the right side of history on this matter while we pigheadedly pursue the path of befriending evil.

    Julia Gorin: USA: Proud Supporter of the Kosovo Piss Process

  • To which I incorrigibly and pigheadedly reply, "So what?"

    Waiting For Deliverance

  • Similarly, the situation in Cuba should remind us that "strength" is not a politician puffing out his chest and pigheadedly walking into the very caricatures our enemies have been peddling, so as to potentially alienate indigenous populations that may have otherwise been sympathetic to our goals.

    Bush Walks Right Into Castro's Trap

  • Senators like Joe Lieberman who pigheadedly push a war that polls have shown for years that the majority of Americans oppose.

    Politics 101: Don't Reinforce Your Opponents' Lies

  • My friend MG loaned it to me after I was pigheadedly talking about how I never read any poetry.


  • Just as they fought the war against the NLA in a way that rebounded against themselves, so they are still — at this writing — pigheadedly holding out against amendments to the constitution that most international observers regard as wholly reasonable.

    Is There a Good Terrorist?

  • I knew she could deliver vaginally despite what she thought, so I had pigheadedly ignored the signs that all was not clear for a normal delivery.

    Coyote Medicine


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