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  • n. Plural form of pigling.


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  • For all the loveliness of the sea and the friendliness of the travellers, really I wanted to be back with the bohemians, among coconut palms, rice paddies and dilapidated mansions, watching "piglings" snuffle in the undergrowth in the thick, damp heat of the jungle.

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  • Critias appeared to be suffering from a swinish affection, or else why this desire to rub himself against Euthydemus like a herd of piglings scraping against stones.


  • Now, all day, our three small pigs had been adrift, to the mortal peril of our corn, lettuce, onions, etc., and as I stood smarting on the back verandah, behold the three piglings issuing from the wood just opposite.

    Vailima Letters

  • Last night three piglings were stolen from one of our pig-pens.

    Vailima Letters

  • He then constructed an altar compound outside the city-walls, buried the written documents there, and smeared the sacrificial vessels with the blood of chickens and piglings as though there they had taken an oath together.

    The Complete Works of Han Fei Tzu

  • The males we had hunted at home were piglings to her.

    The King Must Die

  • Somewhere in the rocks there were piglings squeaking.

    The King Must Die

  • Its principal prey is the common or Northern hare, which abounds in these regions: but at times the _loup-cervier_ will invade the poultry-yards; and he is even held to account, now and then, for the murder of innocent lambs, and the disappearance of tender piglings whose mothers were so negligent as to let them stray alone into the brushwood.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 07, No. 41, March, 1861

  • There, to the very life, was a fat old sow, with nine little piglings grouped about her in every possible attitude.

    Chatterbox, 1905.

  • Brychan, who established a sort of college at Hentland, near Ross, and later on removed to another spot on the Wye, near Madley, his birthplace, being guided thither by the discovery of a white sow and litter of piglings in a meadow; a sign similar to the one by which the site of Alba

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