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  • n. Government by or social hierarchy of those with a certain skin tone, regardless of race or socioeconomic status.


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pigment + -o- +‎ -cracy


  • A day earlier, Tutu, who won the Nobel prize in 1984, recalled the South Africa of apartheid, saying it had been a "pigmentocracy" filled with resentment, hate and rage.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Despite a brief moment when their “whiteness” was questioned, they were inevitably members of a “pigmentocracy” — a minority, but privileged and part of the dominant class, an unprecedented experience for Jews.

    South Africa.

  • The baleful efflorescence of racist sentiments in the post-World War I era prompted the Census Bureau to simplify its stratification of the American pigmentocracy.


  • But in the South that right was soon subverted by fraud and violence, and within little more than a decade the brutal pigmentocracy of which he had warned had fully reemerged.

    Civil Rights & Black Identity

  • I can't put my finger on it, but it's either a small example of global pigmentocracy against those of African descent, or just an incident of divide and conquering and to start a rift between blacks and Latinos, similar to the "divide and conquer" tactics between blacks and Asians in the UK.

    Highlighting the Victims: The Joys (and Sorrows) of You Tube

  • That myth has undergirded a pigmentocracy that continues to privilege whiteness.

    Interracial Intimacy

  • Colourism hinges on "pigmentocracy," a term coined by Chilean sociologist Alejandro Lipshütz, which refers to a hierarchy based on skin hue and extends to features such as hair texture and the size and shape of the nose and lips. - Home Page

  • Perhaps, a society that has been structured on the premise of a pigmentocracy paradigm where rewards and privileges are bestowed based on skin color is still in effect in 2010.

    Wake Up From Your Slumber - The Truth Will Set You Free

  • "The apartheid regime, falsely packaged as a pure pigmentocracy, relied overwhelmingly on corporations anxious to access South Africa's vast stores of natural resources," writes FPIF guest columnist Khadija Sharife in

    Foreign Policy In Focus


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