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  • n. Plural form of pikeman.


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  • In Bladestorm, rather than control and fight as one character, entire squads of period fighters such as pikemen or royal knights or musketeers or archers could be captained into huge skirmishes, a bit like Total War on speed.


  • There is no extant attestation for the third member of Awa's coven, Monique, a female brothel-keeper who wants to be a gunner and gets her chance at the 1522 Battle of La Bicocca, where the Swiss pikemen marched to their first decisive defeat, by powder and shot.

    The Enterprise of Death

  • Formations of pikemen repeatedly charged each other; the battle ended when a third army appeared and scattered the others with cannon fire and musketry.

    Weatherwatch: Puzzling phenomena of sky battles

  • The defenders launched a flight of arrows while a line of pikemen prepared for an onslaught of armored men.

    365 tomorrows » 2009 » February : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • On Daemus's command the Hawk set off toward the nearest embattled contingent, led by a bristling vanguard of pikemen.

    Dust and Blood

  • This action brings in one hundred knights in armour and seven hundred fighting men, bowmen, spearmen, pikemen, etc., and eight pieces of old artillery throwing round stone balls.

    Empire of Dreams

  • We ship out educated people like medieval Switzerland exported pikemen, or Nepal Gurkhas.

    Robin of Berkeley says a funny thing happened to her on the way to the revolution

  • Using a combination of rolling 3D terrain and sprite-based units, it allowed for the realistic depiction of a combined-force army consisting of thousands of cavalry, archers, pikemen and swordsmen, allowing them to be moved and positioned flexibly.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • A motley crew of wastrels, pikemen, surgeons, bowmen, duellists, and others, all who had been arrested for some supposed crime or other.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • We have made them into a weapon itself; they are no longer pikemen who can choose whether to fight or run.

    The Red Queen


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