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  • adj. Wearing a pinafore.


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pinafore +‎ -ed


  •             “Well, Hell's bells,” he says, totally forgetting himself, his moist serpent tongue pensively flicking the afternoon air, tasting random pheromones but not yet realizing he's lost any chance of recovering polite conversation, let alone friendship, with this starched and pinafored traveler.

    Ecce viator : Behold the Traveler

  • But there, wandering open-mouthed with bewilderment through the ugliness and eardrum-puncturing cacophony, are people like Emile Hirsch, trashing his reputation from Into the Wild; John Goodman, in an old Shirley Temple wig, and Susan Sarandon, of all people, as his parents; and Christina Ricci, dressed like a pinafored Finger-Me doll and looking like Little Lulu, as a girlfriend-companion since childhood named Trixie.

    Cough! Ptooey! Frantic Speed Racer Spews Toxic Fumes

  • The voice came from the boughs of a tall cherry-tree, where Adam had no difficulty in discerning a small blue-pinafored figure perched in a commodious position where the fruit was thickest.

    Adam Bede

  • As for our little Madelon, the small, round, pinafored child was hardly recognisable in this slim little girl, in white frock, with brown hair that hung in short wayward tangling waves, instead of curling in soft ringlets all over her head; and yet Graham, who rarely forgot

    My Little Lady

  • The family were bibbed and pinafored; the easy coat and slippers were at the fire, and warmed through and through -- it was a season of intenseness.

    Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine — Volume 53, No. 328, February, 1843

  • The blue pinafored girls, stitching gold thread in the workroom at

    Love at Paddington

  • Gertie's intervention became necessary to prevent a strike amongst the pinafored young women.

    Love at Paddington

  • "Hulloa!" said John Brown, flushing when he saw the small pinafored maiden he had an unpleasant recollection of beating so short a time ago, and whom he had carefully avoided ever since.

    An Australian Lassie

  • Shortly a dainty, pink pinafored figure with the familiar curly ringlets skipped past on the opposite side of the street.

    A Son of the City A Story of Boy Life

  • Many a time I have seen the rough, coarse, blue-handed, blue-pinafored women of the mill stop and look wistfully after "Master and little blind miss."

    John Halifax, Gentleman


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