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  • adj. Having pincers.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

pincer +‎ -ed


  • An ecosystem, an economy and a way of life for much of the nation's coastal southeast remained in the pincered grip of a quartet of robots on Friday, as their human handlers in Houston finally set a giant box on top of an oil leak that has spewed at least 75,000 barrels of crude into the Gulf of Mexico.

    Officials enlist robots to help contain oil gushing in Gulf of Mexico

  • It feels like being scalded and stabbed, as if your skin is being pincered from your body.

    Kiss of a Demon King

  • Hellgrammites, the pincered larvae of the dobsonfly, grow more than 3 inches long and are a favorite food of bass and big trout.

    More Fishing Tips

  • He put his ruined hand in his pocket and came out with a small revolver, his thumb and the stump of his index finger pincered through the trigger guard.

    One Shot

  • But then the girl twisted and squealed out like a rabbit at the end of an owl's stoop, and Inman could see Junior's pincered fingers retreating from the vicinity of her bosom.

    Cold Mountain

  • The British and Portuguese, turning to meet that threat, would be hammered by the second attack at the ridge's northern end and, thus pincered, Wellington's troops would collapse between the two French forces.

    Sharpe's Escape

  • Do you drink juice? he said, still shaking the damn thing, two fingers pincered at the spout.


  • There was gray in the black of his body and legs, and each of the eyes on his ugly, pincered head was milky white.

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  • This statement was punctuated by a brutal lunge from the pincered beast.

    Time Streams

  • And when coupled with unrest in South Africa that was rising, pincered the government there so that F.W. de Klerk knew that apartheid had become just too expensive to maintain, and then the measure like a hunger strike to get the United States to do the right thing, what it should've done in the first place.

    Defending the Spirit: A Black Life in America


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