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  • adj. slightly painful, akin to being pinched
  • adj. prone or designed to pinch


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pinch +‎ -y


  • Next to "shushy" pinchy is one of my favorite Simpsonisms.


  • Victims testified Burge or officers working for him employed a menu of torture techniques: using pinchy alligator clips to administer electro-shock, and shocking their genitals and other body parts with probes, smothering them with plastic bags, strapping them to a radiator and scorching them, and playing Russian roulette.

    Deborah Douglas: Burge Guilty Verdict Only the Beginning

  • It perfectly captures Betty Draper's pinchy faced superiority and disdain.

    Another Reason to Hate on Barbies - Pink

  • The ring mail would be awfully pinchy … down under.

    Bath Time: Why Chainmail was invented - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • It was my first time at the guild party and I had a fantastic time, even on four hours sleep and in pinchy shoes.

    Da Party Itself

  • Anyway, my left wrist is pinchy from trying to finagle the already-too-small (to my mind) left-hand shift key and the bizarrely placed quote key, so I'm gonna have to learn to hit shift with my right pinky.

    I have to...

  • It's a creepy, pinchy feeling. man, am I gonna be glad these things are gone, though.


  • Can't Post | Private Reply and then there's the seatless issue, or worse the broken, pinchy seat ... ouch!!

    And still another question

  • Men who'd been wearing the pinchy shoes and had a regular dry cleaner and who's routine included regular trims and hair product for that side part and who were now looking at the social horror of hair plugs stood in line at the bank with these new barbarians and realized... that SOB makes more money than I do... and he went to work looking like that!

    Why men shave their heads.

  • They know it and so do we, but the difference between us and them is that we will watch people like pinchy and his ilk go down with the ship and attempt to call it noble.

    One more night of convention blogging. The Invesco Field extravaganza.


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