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  • n. An obsolete kind of brass cartridge in which the priming compound is ignited by striking a small pin which protrudes radially from just above the base of the cartridge.


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pin +‎ fire


  • Originally made by Austrian watchmakers as decorative pocket watch chain fobs or as cufflinks, these miniature pinfire pistols are now prized collector's items.

    Boing Boing

  • These tiny Austrian 2mm pinfire guns look to be exquisitely engineered.

    Boing Boing

  • This is exemplified in the numerous names given to the captivating fire patterns in opal -- pinfire, flashfire, broad flashfire, and rolling flashfire to name a few.

    Dora Levy Mossanen: Fires, Opals and the Romanovs

  • Yes | No | Report from ishawooa wrote 44 weeks 5 days ago steve182: The two sources your mentioned plus Mid-South Shooters supply are the others I refered to, looks like if you have an antique French pinfire revolver you might be in luck, anything halfway normal, forget it.

    The ammo and reloading component shortage must be nationwide after checking locally, on-line at Cabela's, Midway, Bass Pro, Gand

  • I remember the name of the 11mm pinfire revolver, they were called the Gaz and they were humongus, maybe not quite as big as the .60 caliber number but they were biggest handgun of their day.

    And Now, A Really Manly Handgun

  • Back in the 19th century Some Hiungarian guy invented an 11mm revolver (it may have been pinfire), The name is on the tip of my toungue and I just can't come up with it ...

    And Now, A Really Manly Handgun

  • Odds and ends, some pipes, a few novels, two of them in Spanish, an old-fashioned pinfire revolver, and a guitar were among the personal property.

    His Last Bow

  • Odds and ends, some pipes, a few novels, two of them in Spanish, and old-fashioned pinfire revolver, and

    The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge

  • Also, there were dead critter heads all over the walls, and the Stevens Crackshots and 11mm pinfire revolver in the showcase by the gift shop were for sale.

    View From The Porch

  • "In the first place, the ammunition expert who was called at the inquest to give evidence about the bullet extracted from the body testified that in weight and in length it corresponded with the seven millimetre bullet made for a pinfire revolver.

    The Hand in the Dark


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