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  • n. Having a head that is unusually tapered or small.
  • n. Foolishness; ignorance.


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pinheaded +‎ -ness


  • Remarks about how badly Detroit makes cars are a sign of pinheadedness, of course, all by itself.

    Matthew Yglesias » Misinterested

  • Some have drifted farther into pinheadedness than is good for them.

    The Larger Issue of Bad Religion - The Panda's Thumb

  • As re: women bloggers, I think the fact that this "issue" comes up every time there's a "blogger panel" is partly a function of sexism and partly a function of the extreme pinheadedness of our journalists, who can really only hold one topic in their mind at once.

    A little jello wrestling, a little cheesecake, and, voila! Problem solved

  • Having had our collective IQ sufficiently lowered to enable the election of a slew of undereducated, incurious, underachieving neo-Republican apparatchiks, whose sole aim is to prove "government is bad" by sucking at their jobs (and at lobbyists 'teats), finally reaching the pinnacle of pinheadedness with the placement of George W. Bush in the highest office in the land, we are now hearing the thud of all the swollen, low hanging fruit borne from the sowing of so many bad seeds smashing on the ground at our feet.

    Steven Weber: Project for the New American Century 2: Rise of the Dopes


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