from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Pink hue; the pale-red color of the pink.


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  • The candle was positioned just right, and even as she thought of these things sacredly shameful to her, he was pleasuring in the transparent pinkiness of her ear.

    Jack London Play:The Scorn of Women

  • I'm relaxed and happy and loving the KSH springy pinkiness it's kidsilk spray in vino.

    February 2009

  • Dr. Ewing take from Dr. Wardoff the flowers he hath brought unto her and cover her pinkiness of face in their blossoms of fragrance.

    Seven Maids of Far Cathay

  • Honored President grow much dignified then she regard Dr. Ewing all of an adorable pinkiness, and she sink within chair and make much silent laughter.

    Seven Maids of Far Cathay

  • No woman was ever more fortunate than our young Queen in the purity and delicate pinkiness of her glowing complexion ....

    Queen Victoria Story of Her Life and Reign, 1819-1901

  • The face pictured there had all the roundness, the softness and pinkiness of the face of the bride Marie, who had waked and looked therein on wonderful mornings, but it held more than the face of Marie the bride.

    Married Life The True Romance

  • So delighted was Mrs. Jackson in watching the transformation in her two boys that she was quite unaware that a soft pinkiness was stealing into her own face.

    The Story of Leather

  • For he was barbered twice over and shampooed to a gracious pinkiness by a skilled hand, and then, being basted, he was roasted whole with a smile on his lips and an apple in his mouth, and sometimes

    Cobb's Bill-of-Fare

  • The pinkiness of Florence's altering complexion was justified; she had not been within a thousand miles of their old office for four days.

    Gentle Julia

  • Quentin lay down, with his pink wreaths and his white robe, and watched the quickening pinkiness of the East.

    The Magic World


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