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  • n. Plural form of pinout.


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  • I stripped off the insulation, and found the red and black wires – these are the 5V and ground wires just search the Internet for USB pinouts if you want to be sure.

    Coyote Blog » 2008 » August

  • Putting together a little bit of information from a Sharp data sheet for a 512 Kword ROM with a bit of conjecture based on the Sonic and Ecco cartridges, this is what I can come up with for pinouts:

    Sega Genesis Hardware Internals - Revised by Rick McTeague

  • The LTC554x mixers have identical pinouts, allowing designers to share PC board layouts across multiple platforms operating in different frequency bands.

    Electronicstalk - electronics industry news

  • The mixers 'pinouts are also similar to common industry footprints and pinouts, allowing ease of adoption while improving performance and reducing power consumption.

    Electronicstalk - electronics industry news

  • They also share peripherals and development tools and have compatible pinouts.

    Engineering Hardware-Software

  • These techniques can help you make design choices, such as selecting package pinouts or connector-pin assignments, which will save you major headaches at the end of the project.

    Engineering Hardware-Software

  • The SSN-analyzer tool works during postlayout to help you evaluate signal integrity and choose the FPGA's pinouts.

    Engineering Hardware-Software

  • Well the wire colors on the new connector dont match the cars wires....and there is some loose wires..and it's a mess. does anyone have the pinouts of the 2 connectors to the radio?

    Vortex Media Group

  • Even TrustWave admits that "while this is not a security implication, it is a loss of privacy." told eWeek that after "hours of sniffing traffic, changing IP address ranges, guessing passwords and investigating hardware pinouts," they "obtained root access on these Linux-based cellular-based devices".

    The Register

  • Since there are DVI to HDMI adapters, also HDMI has the vsync signal in it (checking wiki or hdmi pinouts i can't find a clear vsync pin).

    Discussions: Message List - root


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