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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of pinprick.


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  • Only one thing remained constant: An endless sheet of pinpricked night.

    A BEDTIME STORY FOR BREEZY • by Kevin Shamel

  • She was furious, but she still carried a vague guilt, a concern that Gavin suspected she had pinpricked her diaphragm.

    Strangers at the Feast

  • Her throat is dry and her palms are suddenly pinpricked with sweat.

    The Redleys

  • Basting every curve and point was painstaking work that left her with pinpricked fingertips and an aching neck, so she took occasional breaks to stretch and to rest her eyes by looking around the garden or the shaded lanai, their future classroom.

    The Aloha Quilt

  • I wake to find blood pinpricked down the backs of my arms.

    Pushing the Needle Too Far

  • Such a testy bunch the right-bloggers have become, the triumphalism of their post 9/11 Victor Davis Hanson high noon tipping over and shattering into a thousand bitter shards, pinpricked with anger and paranoia.

    Scraping the Bottom of the Tar Barrel: James Wolcott

  • Support for the death penalty drained like a pinpricked balloon after it was revealed that the Central Park jogger case was a massive frame-up.


  • For just a second there was only velvety dark pinpricked by the light of distant stars.

    The Romulan Way

  • On the ridge, the Firelord stood like rock, his face tipped toward a sky pinpricked with stars.


  • I took the hurried, desperate, pinpricked message back, folded it up with the banknote and the hay, and put them all in my wallet.

    Flying Finish


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