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  • v. Present participle of pinwheel.


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  • After weeks of pinwheeling, Romneybot's cursor unfroze and executed the PRESSAVAILABILITY function, indicating that he won't support the debt ceiling agreement reached this weekend.

    HUFFPOST HILL - Congress' Manic Last-Minute Debt Maneuvering

  • But before she could swing her fist forward, the prowler screamed and staggered backward, pinwheeling past Fancy and then crashing into the vanity.

    Slice Of Cherry

  • They suggest a type of slipstream— Her words were silenced by an enormous judder, which snapped the bridge around in a dizzying spin, hurling Voktra, Commander Marist, the chairman and everyone else pinwheeling across consoles and slamming painfully into walls and pillars.

    Star Trek The Next Generation®

  • Dante raked a hand through his hair, blue flames pinwheeling along his fingers.

    Etched in Bone

  • The dragon reared up on two legs, and Hameron dangled under its chin, shrieking and pinwheeling his arms.

    End of Time

  • A passel of hogs milled about in a field 150 yards away, snouts in the dirt, tails pinwheeling.

    Special Ops, Pig Patrol: Commando Wannabes Stalk Porky

  • The bin lid was pinwheeling in the air now, a blur of silver.

    The Demons Covenant

  • I peered over the counter to see for myself that the pinwheeling lure were really gone.

    Bleeding Violet

  • Gustave meanwhile did a pinwheeling strum on his recorder as if it were a wailing guitar before sliding to his seat on his knees.

    Unearthly Asylum

  • ‘Something wet and spongy plunked against Bobbie Faye’s face and she sprang awake, arms pinwheeling.

    It Was a Dark and Stormy Night ...


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