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  • interj. goodbye


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Imitative of a short, high sound made by a bicycle or car horn.


  • Peter Travers, Rolling Stone: It could have been a bunch of pip-pip, stiff-upper-lip Brit blather about a stuttering king who learns to stop worrying and love the microphone.

    'The King's Speech': Guide, Synopsis And Reviews Of The Golden Globe Nominated Film

  • All of them could see that Nigel was no longer the same pip-pip, jolly-good fellow he'd been for God alone knew how many decades and centuries.

    The Dark Tower

  • "Well, pip-pip for the present," said Freddie, moving toward the box.

    Jill the Reckless

  • He can easily outdistance his pursuers, but is content to keep a lead of a few feet, crying _pip-pip_ or

    A Bird Calendar for Northern India

  • Some people have absolutely no consideration for other people whatsoever and they should be utterly ashamed of themselves. pip-pip, Hyndburn says ...


  • Jungle King casts you as Tarzan, Jungle Hunt as some pip-pip old bean of a British safari chap, but they're the same game underneath By Jean Riva

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  • To have such a magnificent device in 2009 would be ever so pip-pip hooray in passing the time.


  • The pip-pip! business is actually his natural mode of speech, and for the life of him he can't understand why the other two use it and find it humorous.

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol VI No 2


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