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  • n. A bisquinoline antimalarial drug


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  • The combination drug -- comprising arterolane maleate and piperaquine phosphate -- is currently in late-stage trials.

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  • In the 2010 second edition of WHO's guidelines for the treatment of malaria, the relatively new fixed dose combination dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine is included as one of the recommended artemisinin combination therapies.

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  • A recent study in Senegal suggests that seasonal IPTc with SP plus piperaquine is highly effective and well tolerated

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  • WHO has now added a fifth ACT - dihydroartemisinin plus piperaquine - to the previous list of recommended medicines.

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  • Samples were genotyped using both gel and capillary electrophoresis from randomized trials of artemether-lumefantrine (AL) vs. dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine (DP) performed in two areas of Uganda: Kanungu, where transmission is moderate, and Apac, where transmission is very high.

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  • Net that the team's 2-in-1 drug, "not only adds a new [type of drug] to the list of antimalarials, but also provides a uniquely powerful therapeutic tool to enhance the efficacy of newer drugs (e.g. piperaquine) and to restore the efficacy of older drugs (e.g. quinine and chloroquine)".


  • The results of two new large scale trials show that the combination of dihydroartemisinin and piperaquine (DHA+PQP) not only is effective against uncomplicated malaria in a way which is comparable to other artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs), but it also protects patients against new infections for at least two months after treatment.


  • In addition to combating resistance to traditional and newer drugs, such as chloroquine and piperaquine, respectively, the new compound can kill the parasite on its own.

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  • Vietnamese study subjects, however, allowed scientists to estimate that the levels of piperaquine that remain in the body are too low to be effective, and this increases the risk that the malaria parasite will develop resistance.


  • Another anti-malarial drug, piperaquine, may be a suitable partner for artemisinin in the treatment of malaria.



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