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  • Small Russian pastries filled with finely chopped meat or vegetables, baked or fried.

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  • n. Small pastries filled with finely chopped meat, vegetables or fruit baked or fried, from eastern European cuisine, or a serving of these. Plural form of pirozhok.
  • n. A single such pastry.

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  • n. small fruit or meat turnover baked or fried


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Russian, pl. of pirozhok, diminutive of pirog, dumpling; see pierogi.

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From Russian пирожки (pirožkí), singular пирожок (pirožók), diminutive of пирог (piróg, "pie")


  • Polish pierogi, a cross between a doughy dumpling and Italian ravioli or tortellini, are not to be confused with the Russian pirozhki, a baked bun stuffed with savoury or sweet fillings.

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  • I obediently sip her schi and chew on her pirozhki, grateful to my three cousins who, without much effort, can sweep clean a table full of food in a matter of minutes.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • If we are fast, my mother and I, we can jump down the three metal steps of the train and check out the local offerings peddled by kerchiefed women: strawberries sold by the cup; jars of home-marinated mushrooms, their slippery caps glistening through glass; and fried pirozhki filled with cabbage, mouth-watering and greasy.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • Copter Later that evening, Naldo learned that the servants, and any of the retinue of a visiting official, lived in a small but co 'fortable dadia well away from the main house. in They ate in classic style, huge portions of smoked salmon, caviar and cold meats, with pirozhki, delicious small pies made from rich sweet pastry and filled with cabbage, boiled salmon, rice and mushrooms.

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  • The Polish agree that what we call a pierogi is actually that, but the Russian pirogi also called pirozhki or piroshki are actually small buns made with a yeast or short dough.

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  • Pirozhok is a little pie and pirozhki is the plural.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • They pulled in at a pirozhki stand and found, on the far side of the stand, an inflated fun house of a homely cabin standing on chicken legs.

    Wolves Eat Dogs

  • The old man had to serve a year in prison for the revolution which did not succeed, for the THE YEAR 1905 migr fraternity, and for stale -pirozhki.

    My Life

  • Also on the starter list are pirozhki, baked buns made from yeast dough and stuffed with fillings that range from cabbage to potato and cheese or meat.

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  • "Mutton cutlets, cut in small pieces" and kidneys Turbigo; pirozhki and tongue with almond and raisin sauce.

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