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  • n. Plural form of piscivore.


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  • Alcids can be divided into two general categories based on diet: planktivores and piscivores.

    Alcids in marine ecosystems

  • Planktivores eat zooplankton (especially krill), while piscivores eat small fish (sometimes called “forage fish” or “bait fish”).

    Alcids in marine ecosystems

  • Martill et al. (1998) rejected both the scavenging and mud-probing hypotheses, and regarded azhdarchids as ‘aerial piscivores or planktivores’ (p. 57).

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  • Edit ah, correction, evidently while primarily piscivores to a very large extent, they, will, in fact, eat other things opportunistically:

    The Fishing Cat - The Panda's Thumb

  • Walleye are nocturnal, pelagic piscivores, which simply means they are night-feeding open-water fish-eaters. - Local News

  • Previous work on the flight performance of pterosaurs has often been based on the dogmatic assumption that pterosaurs were predominantly aerial piscivores living in coastal areas

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  • Using meta-analysis, Paddack et al. [45] suggested declines in Caribbean fishes from several trophic groups were due to loss of coral, but were unable to detect a significant effect of habitat degradation on piscivores.

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  • Cichlids foraging on plankton and algae typically exhibited single-cone sensitivities peaking between 360 and 400 nm, such that they would be more sensitive to UV light than either piscivores or benthivores.

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  • Species feeding on plankton or algae typically exhibited single-cone sensitivities peaking at shorter wavelengths than piscivores or benthic foragers.

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  • Others had rather slender jaws and thin, slender teeth, and have been interpreted as piscivores.

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