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  • n. an instance of taking the piss
  • n. a parody
  • n. an unpleasant situation that is comparable to a parody


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  • The name itself is a piss-take -- these songs weren't Chart Toppers.

    If you like crap, have I got the mix for you!

  • Cross the Fader could be Phoenix if they were doing an affectionate piss-take of Van Halen, which is just the kind of thing those scamps would get up to.

    Jamaica (No 800)

  • In his dealings with his guests, he hit on a winning formula: piss-take disguised as solicitous concern.

    Ronna and Beverly

  • No need to go into details, but here's one lovely piss-take of the inspirational quotations that start each of the chapters in the original: What sort of man was Duke Lotto Agamemnides?

    January Books 10) Doon

  • Although Pratchett's work is piss-take and Pierce's serious, her city of Corus criminal underworld and cop's world is SOOOO much like Pratchett's Ankh-Morpork that I swear I kept expecting Captain Carrot or Nobby to come running around the corner.

    Reading Update

  • Epic fantasy, especially of the grim and gritty variety, runs the risk of getting pompous and doom-laden at one end, or becoming an out-and-out piss-take at the other.

    Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Interview: Joe Abercrombie, Part 1

  • The cliched chord changes, bloated 24 track and 75-minute length, and dumb lyrics are all satirical swipes at nu-metal, but they can also wear on a listener who doesn't have complete interest in a piss-take on the genre.

    Alex Remington: Psychostick's New Album, Sandwich: The Most Dedicated Musical Eaters Since Weird Al

  • By the way, if you're not even remotely interested in this traumatic soul-searching stuff - and just came here in the hope of finding a TV review or a piss-take of Liz Jones or something -please feel free to ignore this post and its links completely.


  • You raise a good point, 8: 27pm, as there are two types of piss-take: the good-natured sort delivered by a friend, and the needling superior kind from a smarmy stranger in a pub that makes you spill your pint leaping over the table to butt them one in the face.

    Can a duck swim?

  • Nine Inch Nails's most recent album, Year Zero, has a great piss-take on the usual RIAA anti-piracy warnings emblazoned on its back cover: USBM WARNING: Conusming or spreading this material may be deemed subversive by the United States Bureau of Morality.

    Boing Boing: April 8, 2007 - April 14, 2007 Archives


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