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  • adj. Extremely weak.


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  • It means that Jessica Alba is going to start appearing in piss-weak indie films just because the word ‘Darfur’ crops in in the first two pages of the script.

    Jessica Alba Won’t Go To Jail For Her Misplaced Shark Love

  • At my U I've been trying to organize a revolt to drop the Calculus phone-book MaBell size not the piss-weak modern ones in favor of something from Dover together with our own notes and problems.

    Rabett Run

  • Li Q is one of the most piss-weak beers I've ever had.

    Yangshuo, China (Guangxi Province) - Hello From A Tiny Dot on the World Map

  • Well, either that or Melanie Lynn Clapp couldn't stand the shame of being married to someone who starred in that piss-weak Dukes Of Hazzard remake, anyway.

    Johnny Knoxville: Dumbass

  • Liz McClarnon – Near-silent former member of piss-weak sappy girlband Atomic Kitten, famous for their identical songs and the dance they did with their hands that made them look like they were trying to get rid of a long sticky greenie.

    Celebrity Love Island Odds – The Men

  • However I'm more than willing to believe that high brain-cell development accompanies piss-weak sperm production, and vice versa...

    Archive 2005-12-01

  • Sorry, but I am sick of being the disadvantaged one and I get more than a little aggravated when I hear someone whinging about a piss-weak problem.

    sierrazen Diary Entry

  • Our piss-weak dollar has put the prospect of hiring a campervan or 4WD for a month or two well within the reach of a lot of young American or European couples, and these days they all but outnumber the flies, buzzing around Central Australia, swarming from one landmark to the next.

    Surviving Australia

  • Every selfish act people commit is becuase other piss-weak people around them let them get away with it. | Top Stories

  • This is due to the simple fact that they're nearly all one or two guys working 18 hours a day, seven days a week, just to keep the piss-weak (and faltering) ad-revenue stream trickling so they don't have to beg for the jobs back from the alt-weeklies that fired them in the first place. Philadelphia Weekly


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