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  • adj. comparative form of pissy: more pissy


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  • I actually watched some televised scrabble in '92, and the standout memory was this: one competitor tried to play the word' pissier '(which would have been a good score) but it was disallowed (offside?)

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  • So, let me say I'm glad that England's performance was not 'pissier' than the Algeria game, and long may that continue.

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  • We were confirmed to play the show in exactly one week, and the closer it got, the pissier Brody was becoming.


  • I swear, just when you think that mullet-headed pea brain couldn't get any whinier or pants-pissier, well, go figure.


  • But it seems that the lower the stakes get, the more convuluted peoples minds get and the pissier the fighting.

    REVIEW: Monsters of Myth

  • Until the 1960s, most of the buildings were simple wooden summer shacks, but some of the communities have gotten a bit pissier and more elaborate because the federal government started offering flood insurance in what has been traditionally a hurricane path.

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  • The pissing match over the British National Union of Journalists effort to slap a code of conduct on newspaper relations with bloggers and citizens is getting pissier.

    Why I’m not a joiner « BuzzMachine

  • Open thread on Pratchett, Yuma, Buffy and Angel, and Fate being apparently even pissier than I've been lately.

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  • The more time I spend around people, the pissier I get.

    dulligirl Diary Entry

  • There is a demon that sits at the junction of 360 and 183 every morning and just loves dicking with the traffic and making everyone's day just a little pissier.

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