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  • n. A portable container used for urination, especially in hospitals or in the absence of indoor plumbing; a chamber pot.
  • n. A very unpleasant, nasty, or mean-spirited person; a contemptible person.
  • n. An extremely unpleasant or disgusting place; anything mean or worthless.
  • n. A regular drinker of large quantities of alcohol; a drunkard.
  • n. A large quantity.


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  • I went to apply for my pisspot passport first thing in the morning (it's for a work trip, therefore doing it on work time is OK, right?!), so I took the bus and skytrain downtown to the passport office.

    Archive: Oct 08 - Mar 09

  • First of all we don't need 100,000 troops to keep the straits open, that's why we have aircraft carriers and have armed the hell out of every pisspot potentate in the area.

    Edwards -- Gasp! -- Blasts General Petraeus

  • It had no furnishings but a clay brazier and a pisspot, and no light but what came through the cracks around the doors.


  • I went to the pisspot for the third time; I used the one in the privy closet in the bathing room so as not to annoy the king.


  • Sunup left the cart to empty the pisspot, and Tobe woke up and protested his abandonment, wailing, Sup!


  • Sunup left to fill the water jar and empty the pisspot, and shortly she opened the door flap and let in cold twilight.


  • And I'm thinking you must all think I'm a complete pisspot.

    25th January '04

  • "I was posted in Forthweg before I came here, in a little pisspot village named Oyngestun."

    Rulers of the Darkness

  • You ain't guarding the royal pisspot any longer, but has to be soldiers.

    Sharpe's Fortress

  • Bonaparte wanted to look him in the eye and say, "You couldn't even fill my pisspot, you vainglorious mountebank."

    Alvin Journeyman


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