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  • n. A Middle English form of pittance.


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  • Unions were our last wall of defense in negotioting a decent wage and starting with Ronald Reagan they are not a pitance of what they used to be.

    Presidential hopefuls eye the economy

  • He would like to get the woman a sewing machine and a supply of cloth and thread, etc. so she can earn a pitance of a living for her and the little girl from her home.

    Afghan Connections published by Friends of Afghanistan

  • I once had a conversation with someone who got 6 months for ABH/Assault Police and he had the audacity to say that prisoners were exploited by having to work for a pitance in jail and that the food was crap and how would i feel if i had to take a cr*p in front of someone else.

    An Idiots Guide To Dreaming « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • I responded by pointing out that I would be pissed off if I had worked all my life to earn a good pension, and then found that it was a pitance because my pension company had invested it in a company that cared about the environment rather than the bottom line.

    Let Friedman Ring

  • There was a pitance of money involved - but there is money involved!

    The Writing Announcement

  • That probably has to do with the fact that my taxes are pretty simple (single, no kids, no mortgage, one job, a pitance of interest earned) and it's been about twenty years since I've had to pay addtional taxes.

    January 2004

  • Obviously, local goivernments cannot live beyond their means no more so than those working folks or those of us on the pitance Social Security sends us each month.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • These labels need to sell records to survive, and unfortunately Spotify only pays a pitance per stream.


  • Very well, then, this provost was named Picot or Picault, of which some made picotin, picoter, and picoree; by some Pitot or Pitaut, from which comes _pitance_; by others in Languedoc, Pichot from which comes nothing comes worth knowing; by these Petiot or Petiet; by those Petitot and Petinault, or

    Droll Stories — Volume 3

  • Depending on what you do, 200MB might or might not be a pitance, but very heavy users clearly win in terms of speed and caps with

    Original Signal - Transmitting Gadgets


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