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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of pitchfork.


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  • Such men, where all else failed, could get themselves admitted into some smaller religious house by the interest of the patron; sometimes bringing in a trifling addition to the common property, sometimes simply 'pitchforked' into a vacancy, it is difficult to say how.

    The Quarterly Review, Volume 162, No. 324, April, 1886

  • Thus, after a few scant weeks of training, Monk Eastman and the New Yorkers were abruptly pitchforked into the great final push of the conflict — an attack on Germany's Hindenburg Line.

    A Gangster Goes to War

  • The people of Navarre around the 14th century pitchforked, chased and killed the Gypsies (Rom), itinerant wanderers who were different and were blamed for the plague.

    How Witch Hunts Came to Be « Colleen Anderson

  • Here in England, the country's finest young creative midfielder since Paul Scholes or Paul Gascoigne, Jack Wilshere, is being pitchforked back to a developmental level he has already passed through, purely so Stuart Pearce's Under-21s can look good at the junior European Championship which starts in Denmark on 11 June.

    An overworked Jack Wilshere needs a break, not more games

  • When the Thracian slave Spartacus fights in the arena, vast crowns of blood fan suddenly from head wounds, arms are scythed off, a man bereft of legs is pitchforked in the back, and blood spots spatter the camera lens.

    John Hannah: 'I play a devious, lying, cheating, ambitious mother******. It's great!'

  • On the other side of the window, lightning pitchforked down through the sky and thunder clamored like it was stomping on the roof.


  • When I say the chicken coop is clean, that does not mean clean as in Mr. Clean and Scrubbing Bubbles clean, but it means that as much shtuff as is possible to be pitchforked and scooped up with a shovel has been removed from the dirt floor.

    Shoveling out.....the coop

  • The guys broke open about 5 big round bales and then pitchforked the straw up into our old square baling machine.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • The real Satan is "no pitchforked, arrow-tongued, redhead Devil," Creecy says.

    Do We Need Satan?

  • The press and the Republican Party descended on the White House like Anne's pitchforked rabble of six thousand.

    Robin Maxwell: Hillary Boleyn: Has Anything Changed in Half a Millennium?


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