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  • n. As much as a pit will hold.


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  • December 24th, 2009 9: 41 am ET harry the "weasel" reid and his henchmen have jut high jack health care and fix it to help the all powerful insusrance lobby,,,, pitful ... ib

    At the finish line

  • The unintended consequences of a government takeover, or even just additional government mandates (wage/price controls, pitful reimbursement rates), will result in existing "seasoned" physicians simply retiring early, and their replacements now in undergrad, will simply head to business school or law school.

    Health care debate focuses on public insurance option

  • And they think the pitful bunch of people who showed up yesterday was a sampling ... wait til the real Americans flood DC and sweep republicans and blue dogs out of office. tony

    Two senators say House health-care proposal is dead

  • December 23rd, 2009 5: 08 pm ET bogus bill,,, they fwill be popping the champain at the insurance companies tomorrow ... pitful ... sell out ..

    Senate health bill clears last procedural hurdle

  • Think about that song in Dreamgirl where Hudson song "I an't going no where" in a sense – she was pitful begging to hold on when they told her it was all over.

    Clinton reviewing 'options' - but says superdelegates could shift

  • (A very funny riff from the time detailed how the singer deplored how much bigots hated other groups and how he himself hated bigots like that -- it illustrates a pitful but the hatred against a bigot is based on his bad actions.)

    Obama's Win: A Death-Knell For 1960s Cultural Politics?

  • Separately, the Americans also understand that if you are corrupt in business, you must go to prison, otherwise you undermine capitalism (just look at our pitful record on white collar fraud) and that if you fail, you should not be bailed out (look at the opposition to the bank bailouts over there - we never saw such outrage over here).

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Now drop out before your pitful political career is completely over.

    Justin Jeffre Endorses Stephanie Dumas

  • Orion's Belt stands there fixed in my eyes damn these 3 stars and thier minds for i am not the one to submit to the woes of these pitful hatreds

    gero-man Diary Entry

  • Education, under IFP MEC Narend Singh, has spent a pitful 21% of the national conditional grant aimed at promoting HIV/AIDS and life skills education in primary and secondary schools during the first quarter of this financial year.

    ANC Daily News Briefing


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