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  • There were others that for the peoples good instruction, and triall of their owne witts vsed in places of great assembly, to say by rote nombers of short and sententious meetres, very pithie and of good edification, and thereupon were called Poets _Mimistes_: as who would say, imitable and meet to be followed for their wise and graue lessons.

    The Arte of English Poesie

  • This man as chiefteine and head capteine of all the Britains there assembled, made to them a pithie oration, to incourage them to fight manfullie, and likewise did Agricola to his people: which being ended, the armies on both sides were put in order of battell.

    Chronicles (1 of 6): The Historie of England (4 of 8) The Fovrth Booke Of The Historie Of England

  • _The_ NIGRAMANSIR, _a morall_ ENTERLUDE _and a pithie written by Maister_

    The Book-Hunter at Home

  • In this meane while the archbishop Thurstan, to whom the charge of defending the countrie cheefelie in the kings absence apperteined, called togither the Nobles and gentlemen of the shire and parties adioining, whom with so pithie and effectuall words he exhorted to resist the attempts of the Scots (whose cruell dooings could kéepe no measure) that incontinentlie all the power of the northparts was raised,

    Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6): England (4 of 12) Stephan Earle Of Bullongne

  • He rehearseth the like in his second "Panegerycus" of Stilico, in most ample and pithie manner insuing:

    Chronicles (1 of 6): The Historie of England (4 of 8) The Fovrth Booke Of The Historie Of England

  • Now that all men may understand what was the singular eruditioun and godly knowledge of the said Mr. Patrik, we have inserted this his litill pithie werk, conteanyng his Assertionis and Determinationis concernyng the Law, the Office of the same, concernyng Fayth, and the fruittis [59] thairof; first, be the foirsaid Maister Patrik collected in Latine, and after translated in Inglisch.

    The Works of John Knox, Vol. 1 (of 6)

  • She therefore to encourage hir people against the enimies, mounted vp into an high place raised vp of turfes & sods made for the nonce, out of the which she made a long & verie pithie oration.

    Chronicles (1 of 6): The Historie of England (4 of 8) The Fovrth Booke Of The Historie Of England

  • But yet in exchange of his serious treatise, I will here set you downe another, more pithie, material, and of more consequence, by him likewise produced at that tender age.

    Of Friendship.

  • For his prefaces, definitions, divisions, and Etymologies consume the greatest part of his works; whatsoever quick, wittie, and pithie conceit is in him is surcharged and confounded by those his long and far-fetcht preambles.

    Of Bookes.

  • A treatise of morall philosophie containing the sayings of the wise: wherin you may see the worthy & pithie sayings of philosophers, emperors, kings and oratours: of their liues, their answers, of what linage they come of, & of what countrie they were: whose worthy sentences, notable precepts, counsels, parables and semblables, doe heereafter follow.

    Inventory of Robert Carter's Estate, November [1733]


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