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  • n. A bird of the family Pachycephalidae, endemic to New Guinea, some of which have powerful batrachotoxins in skin and feathers.


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  • While the suits at AIG go on their "retreats" paid for by the U.S. taxpayer. food costs too goddamn much pitohui

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  • Incidentally, (1) it seems that not all pitohui species are poisonous (although further study is required to be absolutely sure about this), (2) that another New Guinean passerine, the Rufous shrike-thrush Colluricincla megarhyncha, also produces batrachotoxin, and (3) that multiple other non-poisonous New Guinea passerines (including some other pitohuis) may mimic poisonous pitohuis and therefore gain protection from predators too (Diamond 1992, Dumbacher & Fleischer 2001).

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