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  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of a pixie.


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pixie +‎ -like


  • For the entire night, a small pixielike character with a bowl haircut and an all-white elfin outfit trails behind me, posing nonchalantly for photographs at any moment and rarely saying a word.

    Down and Delirious in Mexico City

  • He has a pale, cute, pixielike face and as he stares straight at her she recognizes him from somewhere.

    The Redleys

  • Stanga shook his head in exasperation, the pixielike quality gone from his face, his expression almost genuine, devoid of guile or theatrics.

    The Glass Rainbow

  • Pollitt praises the movie very highly, especially the title character, who she describes as "prickly, winsome, complex and original person: she wears work shirts, plays the guitar and has a luminous intelligence and a pixielike nonsexy beauty, and that is a way young girls are almost never portrayed in films."

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • The short girl was pixielike, thin in the extreme, with small features.


  • Oros had a small, pixielike face which belied her innate toughness.

    The Flood

  • What she saw was a pixielike face on top of a well-developed female body.


  • The glass reflected a hazy, pixielike image of a woman with short chestnut hair, large blue eyes, high cheekbones, and fair skin.


  • The woman was short and extraordinarily pale, with a long dark braid and a pointed, pixielike face; her clothes were funny, too, like they were made out of kitchen towels or horse blankets pinned together.


  • The outsider here is only somewhat so, as Sabrina Fairchild, played with typical pixielike radiance by Audrey Hepburn, is the daughter of the Larrabee family chauffeur and she grew up living above the multicar garage with her father.

    DVD Times


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