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  • n. A platelike thickening of the epithelial layer of an embryo from which an organ, especially a sense organ, develops.


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  • Stark M, Bronner-Fraser M (2002) Pax3-expressing trigeminal placode cells can localize to trunk neural crest sites but are committed to a cutaneous sensory neuron fate.

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  • Miyasaka N, Knaut H, Yoshihara Y (2007) Cxcl12/Cxcr4 chemokine signaling is required for placode assembly and sensory axon pathfinding in the zebrafish olfactory system.

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  • Initially, neurons of the inner ear require brain-derived neurotrophic factor (Bdnf) and neurotrophin 3 (Ntf3) from the otic placode, the sensory epithelium from which the cells are derived.


  • Andl T, Kairo A, Yamaguchi TP, et al. (2004) Canonical WNT signaling promotes mammary placode development and is essential for initiation of mammary gland morphogenesis.

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  • The mouse inner ear develops from embryonic day (E) 8 from the otic placode, a patch of ectoderm that invaginates and pinches off to form the otic vesicle from which all the sensory epithelial cells and sensory neurons are derived.

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  • Drew CF, Lin CM, Jiang TX, Blunt G, Mou C, et al. (2007) The Edar subfamily in feather placode formation.

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  • Taken together our data indicate that canonical Wnt signalling has an early role in placode induction in

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  • Higher-magnification views of sequential sections of ectopic ostia forming by epithelial invagination from placode-like structures are shown on the right panels in E.

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  • Reminiscent of vertebrate skin appendages, ectopic ostia were first detectable as placode-like structures prior to epithelial invagination (

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