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  • Is one that has some business about this building or little house of man, whereof nature is as it were the tiler, and he the plaisterer.

    Microcosmography or, a Piece of the World Discovered; in Essays and Characters

  • Had I to engage a plaisterer to do Such a job I know of no man I would So soon employ as I would him -- as a proof of which I have engaged him to do the plaistering of a House I am about building in Botetourt for my future & permanent residence.

    Letters to and from Jefferson, 1819 [a machine-readable transcription]

  • I have offers from some of the best workmen in Lynchburg. the finest plaisterer I have ever seen in this state is anxious to undertake with us.

    68 Letters to and from Jefferson, 1805-1817

  • All the rooms are ready for the plaisterer excepting the Senate Chamber & the rooms in the recess which are to be rebuilt from the foundation being the most rotten part of the remaining building, excepting the library.

    Thomas Jefferson and the National Capital: Containing Notes and Correspondence exchanged between Jefferson, Washington, L'Enfant, Ellicott, Hallett, Thornton, Latrobe, the Commissioners, and others

  • Many of these narratives my industry has been able to extend to a considerable length; but the woman with whom I now lodge has lived only eighteen months in the house, and can give no account of its ancient revolutions; the plaisterer having, at her entrance, obliterated, by his white-wash, all the smoky memorials which former tenants had left upon the ceiling, and perhaps drawn the veil of oblivion over politicians, philosophers, and poets.

    The Works of Samuel Johnson, Volume 03 The Rambler, Volume II

  • Up very betimes and set my plaisterer to work about whiting and colouring my musique roome, which having with great pleasure seen done, about ten o'clock I dressed myself, and so mounted upon a very pretty mare, sent me by Sir W. W.rren, according to his promise yesterday.

    The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Aug/Sep 1664

  • The pavilion intended for him is finished except as to being plaistered and painted. for the 1st. of these operations we must allow to the end of this month on account of the uncertainty of the season. the housejoiner pledges within one fortnight after to make room for the painter, as every thing of his is done but the hanging his doors & windows, which are ready, but must not be hung until the plaisterer quits. the painter will then require a fortnight, so that I think we may say with certainty that the house will be ready by the 1st. day of May, on which day also shall be ready to answer Dr. Cooper's draught for 1,500.

    Letters to and from Jefferson, 1820

  • Your pavilion is finished except plaistering and painting. the former will require all this month, from the variableness of the season. the housejoiner asks a fortnight after removal of the rubbish of the plaisterer to hang his doors and windows, which are ready, & the glazing also done the painting will then take a fortnight, so that we believe of a certainty all will be ready by the 1st. day of May, on which day also we shall be ready to answer your draught for 1,500.

    Letters to and from Jefferson, 1820

  • There was then William Poole, a nibbler at astrology, sometimes a gardener, an apparitor, a drawer of linen; as quoifs, handkerchiefs; a plaisterer and a bricklayer; he would brag many times he had been of seventeen professions; was very good company for drolling, as you yourself very well remember (most honoured Sir); [3] he pretended to poetry; and that posterity may have a taste of it, you shall have here inserted two verses of his own making; the occasion of making them was thus.

    William Lilly's History of His Life and Times From the Year 1602 to 1681


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