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  • In his book of articles on the subject, Muhammad described a planet-sized manmade vessel that orbits earth and is purported to be loaded with 1,500 planes or wheels, words that have since been used interchangeably.

    Nation of Islam event to include talk of UFOs

  • The crowd is extra knotty around a particular booth on the terrace, underneath planet-sized white balloons that change from yellow to green to purple as colored spotlights revolve on the roof.

    Inside the Vanity Fair Oscar party

  • Yet the biggest elephant of all is a figurative one in the planet-sized room that is ever harder to ignore, although we keep trying.

    "No moon, no pale reflection."

  • Most people would immediately recognize this reference to Star Wars, where the Galactic Empire's planet-sized space station traveled the universe destroying rebel planets and Darth Vader's minions led their attacks on the rebels from Imperial Cruisers armed with superlasers.

    Richard (RJ) Eskow: Dear Speaker Boehner: Thanks for Quoting Me, But You Left Out Jobs -- and "Star Wars" Movies!

  • Heck, we are still trying to find microbial life on other planets, much less an intelligence capable of designing planet-sized triangles.

    Alice In Wonderland official trailer

  • If I had my druthers, the new movie would feature - an outright conflict with the Mirror, Mirror universe; rip in the space-time continuum, BAD Federation meanies decide that it's great for their individual and multiple ambitions, and someone invents a giant, planet-sized agonizer.

    What Would You Like to See From The New Star Trek?

  • For Cory, the constant hassle of devices and programs that don't work as reliably, and that require lots of finicky twiddling, is a negligible drain on the resources of his planet-sized brain.

    MIND MELD: The Apple iPad: Sizzle or Fizzle?

  • Topping off the odd scale is the prince's father, the King of All Cosmos, a planet-sized binge-drinker who seems to be made from Lego and old toys, and whose uniquely deformed syntax has earned him a dedicated following.

    The 10 best video-game characters

  • More likely, it will be an inexorable and ambiguous seepage that has innumerable ruinous effects on the habitat, only some of which will legally be traceable back to the oiligarchy, swirling together with various other incipient atrocities to hasten our societal demise like some oblivious frogs in a planet-sized vat of slowly boiling water.

    Randall Amster: Hello, America? This is Your Wakeup Call

  • This time the crew deals with the Universe tearing open to reveal another Universe where a lonely planet-sized creature is looking for love, voiced by the-always hilarious David Cross (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, MR. SHOW).! » Find Out What’s On Bobert’s List This NEW RELEASE TUESDAY!


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