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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A machine for planing wood, the usual form of which has cutters on a drum rotating on a horizontal axis over the board, which passes beneath.
  • n. A machine-tool for planing metals, in which the metal object to be planed, fixed to a traversing table, is moved against a relatively fixed cutter. Also called metal-planer.
  • n.


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  • Yet now and then, by sheer character, an Indian does rise superior to our Governmental planing-machine -- not because of our system, but in its direct despite.

    The Indian of Commerce

  • They included a crane, a planing-machine, a smokeless candle and a gunpowder motor -- besides his really big and notable invention of the first iron bridge.

    Greenwich Village

  • Many of them required the labour of the most skilful workmen, as the parts referred to did not admit of their being executed by the lathe or planing-machine in their ordinary mode of application.

    James Nasmyth: Engineer, An Autobiography.

  • The same means can, in many cases, be employed in fixing delicate work in the planing-machine.

    James Nasmyth: Engineer, An Autobiography.

  • I have passed unnoticed the great subject of the manufacture of machinery by itself -- the invention of the slide-rest, the planing-machine, and many other contrivances by which engines can be constructed with almost mathematical correctness.

    History of the Conflict between Religion and Science

  • Roberts, and Co. was the manufacture of iron billiard-tables, which were constructed with almost perfect truth by means of Mr. Roberts's planing-machine, and became a large article of export.

    Industrial Biography

  • The rollers on which the planing-machine travelled were so true, that Clement himself used to say of them, "If you were to put but a paper shaving under one of the rollers, it would at once stop all the rest."

    Industrial Biography

  • The work of Plumier is especially elaborate, entering into the construction of the lathe in its various parts, the making of the tools and cutters, and the different motions to be given to the machine by means of wheels, eccentrics, and other expedients, amongst which may be mentioned one very much resembling the slide rest and planing-machine combined.

    Industrial Biography

  • "I thought it was a hay-cutter or a planing-machine, or that you had got the asthma awfully.

    A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life.

  • The year in which I remember it being in use was, so far as I am aware, long before any planing-machine of a similar kind had been invented. "

    Industrial Biography


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