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  • n. The sole of the foot

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In vertebrate anat., the sole of the foot: corresponding to palma of the hand, and opposed to dorsum or the rotular aspect of the foot. See cuts under digitigrade and plantigrade.i
  • n. In ornithology, the back of the shank; the hind part of the tarso-metatarsus, corresponding morphologically to the sole of the foot of a mammal. See cut under booted.
  • n. In entomology the first joint of the tarsus, when it is large or otherwise distinguished from the rest, which are then collectively called the digitus. Also called metatarsus, in which ease the other joints collectively are the dactylus.
  • n. The sole of a proleg of a lepidopterous larva.


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