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  • Of or pertaining to Plato or his followers, or the Platonic doctrines; characteristic of the Platonists.

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  • adjective pertaining to or characteristic of or in accordance with Platonism


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  • Essential to Sellars 'thoroughgoing naturalism is an account of semantic meaning that requires no recourse to irreducibly platonistic or mentalistic idioms.

    Wilfrid Sellars

  • Notice that as the argument has been stated here, it is not an argument for a platonistic view of properties; it is an argument for the thesis that properties exist, but not for the thesis that properties are abstract objects.

    Platonism in Metaphysics

  • But some platonists might argue that the problem isn't as bad for them because platonistic properties are causally inert, and so they are not responsible in any way for objects having the natures they have, and they do not play any important role in our explanations of why objects have the natures they have.

    Platonism in Metaphysics

  • Similarly, many philosophers take a platonistic view of properties.

    Platonism in Metaphysics

  • As we will see below, people have also endorsed platonistic views in connection with linguistic objects (most notably, sentences), possible worlds, logical objects, and fictional characters

    Platonism in Metaphysics

  • There are many different platonistic conceptions of propositions.

    Platonism in Metaphysics

  • As the above discussion of truth-value realism showed, the platonistic language of mathematics can be analysed in such a way as to avoid reference to and quantification over mathematical objects.

    Platonism in the Philosophy of Mathematics

  • But most Fregeans would want to deny that properties are concepts, so in order to motivate a platonistic view of properties and relations, they would need an entirely different argument.

    Platonism in Metaphysics

  • Those who endorse a platonistic view of fictional objects maintain that there is no good paraphrase of sentences like (G), but one might question this.

    Platonism in Metaphysics

  • One of these sets of facts is purely platonistic and mathematical, and the other is purely physical (or more precisely, purely anti-platonistic).

    Fictionalism in the Philosophy of Mathematics


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