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  • n. Plural form of pleasantry.
  • n. A short polite conversation before the serious conversation


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  • He exchanged brief pleasantries with T’Pel and Sek—if the word pleasantries could apply to conversation with Vulcans—and was introduced to the father and brother of T’Ral, the ship’s nurse, and the fiancée and parents of Vorik, one of the ship’s engineers.

    Distant Shores

  • Early meetings were characterized by pleasantries and a distinct lack of debate.

    The Orange Revolution

  • Why must the fair sister get to speak in pleasantries?

    Wednesday Shout Out : Rigoberto González : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

  • Mrs. Tiffany halted under one tree to call pleasantries up to a Portuguese, friend of many a harvest before.

    The Readjustment

  • Its called pleasantries, something that use to be important before cell phones. Stories / Popular

  • The pleasantries were a far cry from the he-can't-be-seated rhetoric that came from the Senate Democratic caucus a week ago when the governor shocked the party and nominated Burris, who would be the Senate's only black member now that Obama has departed. Home RSS

  • We exchanged "pleasantries" though I found the encounter none too pleasant, and I think some reference was made to the fact that he was naked, and one of the boys commented that he was crazy or something like that.

    Suddenly, the Swiss are inundated with nudist hikers, many from Germany.

  • With newsreaders and aggregators i discover more about others than i would through 'pleasantries' exchanged through my Ryze guestbook and stars or cubes or hearts as Orkut had.

    Archive 2004-02-01

  • After some opening pleasantries (and there can have been few occasions in history when "pleasantries" sounded so brittle) Popitz got the ball rolling.


  • Lamb, "Hazy weather, Master Noah!" was a strictly legitimate and very much softened descendant of the kind of pleasantries which diversify the sacred drama of the Middle Ages in all but its very earliest examples.

    The Flourishing of Romance and the Rise of Allegory (Periods of European Literature, vol. II)


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