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  • adj. Of or relating to all the light, travelling in every direction in a given space.


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Coined circa 1991, Latin plenus ("full") + optic.


  • Light-field photography--and the related concept of a plenoptic camera--is a complicated concept involving an array of small images rather than one large one.


  • Whispers about Lytro's super steal plenoptic camera have been ramping up as the device heads into production, and today the company is finally unveiling its game-changing digital camera.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • Adobe shows off plenoptic lenses that let you refocus an image after it's taken (video)

    "MAIN" via Steve in Google Reader

  • As a senior research scientist with the company's Photoshop Group, Georgiev is experimenting with plenoptic lenses. -- Top News

  • His plenoptic lens is actually an array of thousands of micro-lenses carved into a silicon wafer. -- Top News

  • He then started tinkering with plenoptic lenses at home in his garage, and eventually persuaded -- Top News

  • Working with Andrew Lumsdaine, a computer scientist at Indiana University, he has built specialized software to interpret plenoptic photos and enable after-the-fact alterations. -- Top News

  • Instead of capturing a flat, 2D array of pixels, a plenoptic camera uses an array of microlenses to capture 4D lightfield data.

    MAKE Magazine

  • Well, unfortunately you can't if you used a regular camera, however if you had a plenoptic camera it would be no problem.

    MAKE Magazine

  • It played on my Windows Media Player - the plenoptic visual accompaniment was a large swirling blob/cluster fuck with the occasional red ejaculate and/or bloodspray.

    Lawsuit, or no lawsuit?


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