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  • Plaited, netted, or made plexiform; plexiform.


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  • I watched, totally plexed, as Stella circled the room, whistling hysterically.

    Ancient, Strange, and Lovely

  • He understood at that moment a good deal that had per-plexed him earlier in the morning.

    Twin Moons

  • The UA Lynbrook and the now-deceased UA Astoria are two other theatres which plexed in the old stage area.

    Movies That Begin With The Letter W. Or Not

  • Alex, looking pe plexed, whispered to me, as we watched Breeta's exit.

    The Celtic Riddle

  • Andacanavar asked, seeing Midalis 'per - plexed expression; but then the ranger exploded in laughter, and so did Bruinhelde.


  • Kirk scratched the back of his neck, looking per - plexed.

    The Better Man

  • Roger Sherman voiced the question that per - plexed many Northerners: 'Why should slaves, who are considered property in the South, be counted when seats are being allocated, any more than cattle and horses in the North?'


  • I was per plexed by finding, apparently united in the same individual, the self-possession and confidence of the well equipped gentleman, and the coarseness and low tastes of the uncivilized boor -- frankness and reserve, recklessness and self restraint, extravagance, and penuriousness.

    A Journey in the Seaboard Slave States; With Remarks on Their Economy

  • Quantigene assays provide unparalleled accuracy, capability to scale from single to highly plexed assays and greatly improved work flow relative to traditional PCR methods.

    Biotech Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha

  • This is a prime example of how not retrieving the variables in the correct way can leave your pages not working and leave you per - plexed.

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows


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