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  • n. A fruit which is a plum-apricot cross, featuring more characteristics of plums than those of apricots.


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Blend of plum and apricot


  • Last Tuesday, there was a strange little purplish-red fruit that Mrs. Hiller called a pluot.


  • A cross between a plum and an apricot, known as a pluot, has been grown in the past, but a peach and a plum is a new combination for NSW, Primary Industries Minister Steve Whan said.

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  • Unless you had some very complex multi-generational system of mating that well approximates a 1: 1: 1 split - the pluot is a basic example of this, as it takes two levels mating to produce (one which results in a 50/50 split between plum and apricot, and another which mates this frankenfruit with a regular old plum).

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  • Timprov had pluot sorbet and mango crisp, both of which were lovely (though I wouldn't have combined them -- and in fact that was T's choice, not the restaurant's), and my chocolate creme brulee was extremely pleasant and garnished with unexpected blueberries, which I thought were just right.

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  • The Passenger's Hello Rickey uses honeydew; Proof's Salty Ginny Thing re-creates Vietnamese salty lemonade; Urbana's Plum Rickey is infused with house-made plum-rosemary preserves and pluot juice; and Bourbon Glover Park's bourbon-based Cherry SummerThyme Rickey gets its kick from thyme and lemonade.

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  • Lori Eanes for The Wall Street Journal Ms. Lorenzo, Le Truc's guest chef, prepared hiramasa sashimi with shiso, pluot, summer squash and flower petals.

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  • At this panel, David Brin made up a free-form story involving a post-apocalyptic economy based on the buying and selling of pluot jam, and at one point he pulled his pants up while pretending to be old.

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  • It was really beautiful and yum...any idea whether that is the same as a pluot, or is that just a purple apricot?

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  • And Lukins loved the pluot, a plum-apricot combo: "I'd use it in anything."

    'This Has Been Surreal'

  • Floyd Zaiger invented the pluot, that delicious—and immensely successful—plum-apricot hybrid.

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