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  • adv. In a pluralistic way.

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  • In a pluralistic way; in a way that takes into account the existence of several (causes, reals, etc.).


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pluralistic +‎ -ally


  • It seems clear that what Weber was trying to outline here was an archetypical form of social organization that can empower individual moral agency by sustaining group disciplinary dynamism, a kind of pluralistically organized social life we would now call a “civil society” [Kim 2004, 57 “ 94].


  • People speak readily of the untended wounds of the dead, but practice silence on the topic of the peaceful, pluralistically driven, and loving Muslims who are seeking to build this center of community.

    Grant Brooke, M.Div.: Hindsight: Burying the Ghost of Ground Zero

  • Núñez acknowledged the participation of students affiliated with Socialist groups among strike leaders and the student negotiating committee, and said they overcame their differences via universal concerns for education as a social necessity, as they gained each others 'respect while coalition building together, adding that if he could not overcome ideological differences enough to collaborate, he would still believe in their right to pluralistically exist.

    Maritza Stanchich, Ph.D.: University of Puerto Rico Student Strike Victory Unleashes Brutal Civil Rights Backlash

  • I disagree, but think that the three candidates, McCain, Romney and Huckabee could be received pluralistically, huckabee in his state has done so, McCain in the Senate has done so, and MIT can even boast of MA.

    Michigan Exit Polls Show Even More Problems For McCain

  • An ethics based on this undertanding focuses not on rationally finding, mapping, and teaching the real nature of reality, nor on pluralistically respecting irreconcilable differences while recognizing a simultaneous unity, but instead on drawing connections between different methods of making meaning and on coordinating the actions of people using different conceptual frameworks.

    Karl Higley - Spirit, Kosmos, Essence

  • In short, the charismatic leadership ideal in Weber's political project also requires a heterogeneous and pluralistically organized civil society as its corollary.


  • One may as well say something on the order of, “if secularist ideologues can reform, putting the murderous hecatombs of the 20th century behind them and live more pluralistically, embody more genuine forms of tolerance, then perhaps Islam can as well.”

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Conversion from Islam:

  • I'd hate to appear imbalanced (or "pluralistically-challenged" or "diversity-stunted" or whatever the term might be), so now I turn to a recent column, "Catholicism Does't Have to Be Repressive," written by Maggie Carlson, a senior at Webster University (in the Saint Louis area).

    Insight Scoop | The Ignatius Press Blog:

  • Just as a society might choose to nurture or tolerate certain sorts of illusions, pluralistically embracing both atheistic and religious subcultures, so, too, might an individual decide -- as did James -- to divide his or her life into periods of sober rationality and ecstatic religious intoxication.

    The Nitrous Oxide Philosopher

  • Yet because God is not the absolute, but is himself a part when the system is conceived pluralistically, his functions can be taken as not wholly dissimilar to those of the other smaller parts, -- as similar to our functions consequently.

    A Pluralistic Universe Hibbert Lectures at Manchester College on the Present Situation in Philosophy


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