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  • adj. Multiform.


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  • In the meantime publishers complain and look for subsidies, grants and extra charges, saying that the newspaper scene should remain pluriform.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • And so the text might seem at first glance to offer a binary understanding of gender, but it does so while also offering a perplexingly pluriform understanding of humanity and even of divinity, thus suggesting that, while having convenient labels may be necessary for practical purposes, matters are much more complex when one looks beneath the surface.

    Male and Female He Created Them?

  • I would hope he would do so because the Kingdom of God is varied and pluriform, and again you seem to want to nail it down to some future eschatological event.

    Limits of Literalism

  • To claim that the Bible is simple when it is complex, to claim that it is clear when it is not, to claim that it is uniform when it is diverse, to claim that it is monolithic when it is pluriform, to claim that it is flawless when it is characterized throughout by the limitations and failings of its human authors - what could possibly be more unbiblical than this?

    Fundamentalism: Fundamentally Unbiblical

  • They are also not set up with two-party systems, instead pluriform multi-party systems.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » McCain’s Interesting Reading of the Constitution:

  • My main contention is that culture is pluriform and dynamic — and that a vibrant and strong culture need not be accountable to a unitary principle, a unified scheme of principles, or to a singular authority structure.

    Philocrites: Richard John Neuhaus's deputy turns on him.

  • However, there is also a consciously anti-rationalist response to the experience of the slogan "Everything is relative," which comes together under the pluriform denomination of 11

    Close your mouth, no barking like a dog!

  • That sounds awfully like pluriform Sufi-Rumiesque fields beyond right and wrong to me.

    The myth of evangelical unity on homosexuality at Hugo Schwyzer

  • • Its hyperkinetic nature of rapid vibratory activity and quantum computation may provide a theoretical understanding to enable the design of future inventions such as quantum computers and new holographic video technologies (Gariaev et al., 1994), but it is even more promising in terms of understanding our pluriform nature.

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