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  • adj. Involving several parties.


pluri- +‎ lateral. (Wiktionary)


  • Trade analysts say such so-called plurilateral deals are more likely to work than a broad global pact because they involve fewer players, and because they enjoy strong support from big business.

    WTO Chief Blasts Small Pacts, Says They Hamper Global Opportunities

  • China is not one of the 40 signatories to the "plurilateral" Government Procurement Agreement.

    U.S. Spends, China Benefits

  • Two such "plurilateral" WTO agreements already exist, one covering government procurement, the other information technology.

    Marry the TPP to the WTO

  • Such "plurilateral" agreements are open to adherence by all WTO members.

    Marry the TPP to the WTO

  • By their terms, plurilateral agreements within the WTO can be made fully enforceable on those members who sign them in WTO dispute settlement—which is a proven forum for upholding international law, backed up by the last resort of economic sanctions against those countries that fail to fulfill their treaty commitments.

    Marry the TPP to the WTO

  • But "plurilateral" WTO agreements commit only those WTO Members who agree to be bound by them.

    Marry the TPP to the WTO

  • In addition to fully "multilateral" agreements binding all WTO members, such as those sought in the Doha round, the WTO treaty also permits "plurilateral" agreements among some but not all members.

    Marry the TPP to the WTO

  • One could certainly hypothesize that plurilateral agreements might well be the wave of the future in contrast to bilateral agreements or multilateral agreements that take a decade or more to negotiate, he said.

    Former US Trade Reps See Opportunities, Difficulties in Chinese Economic Growth

  • In doing so, it would in fact turn the plurilateral negotiations into a multilateral one and thereby ensure that the ACTA better reflects the interests and concerns of the global community.

    ACTA threat to WIPO’s future

  • In other words, there will be a concerted effort to transform a plurilateral agreement into a multilateral one, though only the original negotiating partners will have had input into the content of the treaty.

    ACTA threat to WIPO’s future


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