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  • adj. Or or pertaining to several languages.


pluri- +‎ lingual (Wiktionary)


  • We can dream of the construction of multicultural and plurilingual societies: if we are capable of recognizing and respecting differences.

    The Problem of Racism on the Threshold of the 21st Century

  • Now is the time to responsibly and conscientiously undertake the actions that will lead us to the construction of nations that are truly pluriethnic, multicultural and plurilingual, whose intercultural relations are based on tolerance and the absolute respect for the cultural rights of indigenous and non-indigenous; peoples nations where there is justice and options of development, liberty and real democracy for all, respect to the culture of all and total respect form human rights.

    On The International Day Of Indigenous Peoples

  • In numerous countries, they have became central actors of new processes that are planting the seeds of a multiethnic, pluricultural and plurilingual future which will be the guarantee of a peace full and harmonious coexistence in these pluralistic societies.

    On The International Day Of Indigenous Peoples

  • December 1997 was a turning point for a plurilingual web.

  • • At present - languages that form part of "live" plurilingual repertoires are too often ignored entirely by educational systems or else viewed as an obstacle to efficient learning - languages taught at school, traditionally in isolation from one another, too often fail to become part of learners 'living identity

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  • Slide 14: The plurilingual approach • The plurilingual ideal demands that

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  • Slide 13: The plurilingual approach • Language rights are part of human rights • A policy of plurilingualism is "crucial for social and political inclusion of all Europeans, whatever their linguistic ELP-WSU competences" (Beacco & Byram 2002, p. 9) • A policy of plurilingualism is also central to the creation of a sense of European identity •

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  • Language education policies in Europe should aim to "enable individuals to be plurilingual either by maintaining and developing their existing plurilingualism or by helping them to develop from monolingualism (or bilingualism) into plurilingualism" (Beacco & Byram 2002, p. 9)

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  • "The new constitution of Bolivia guarantees universal access to quality public education that is community-based as well as intercultural and plurilingual.

    Workers World news online


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