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  • n. A body of igneous rock formed beneath the surface of the earth by consolidation of magma.

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  • n. A body of igneous rock formed beneath the surface of the earth by consolidation of magma

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  • n. large mass of intrusive igneous rock believed to have solidified deep within the earth


German, back-formation from plutonisch, plutonic, from Latin Plūtō, Plūtōn-, Pluto; see Pluto.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • My major issue now is that Ceres is not compositionally very similar to the outer solar system objects, so this "pluton" designation is different than our "jovian" and "terrestrial" designations.

    Pluto spam

  • Not to mention that "pluton" already has a geological meaning.

    Pluto spam

  • Amelia say Pluto should be called neither planet nor dwarf planet, but "pluton" or "Plutette."

    September 12, 2006

  • Immediately to the north and west of Great and Little bays, a granite intrusion of Exeter diorite comprising the Exeter pluton (i.e., part of the Hillsboro plutonic series) is present.

    Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, New Hampshire

  • A pluton can be defined as any igneous intrusion of rock that forms a kilometer or more below the Earth's surface.

    Formation of the Earth's crust

  • Then we must answer our own question, the Designer is inscrutable and anyway might be an alien from the pluton Pluto.

    Wherein I argue emotionally about the definition of "planet" - The Panda's Thumb

  • Under this system, Pluto is a planet, dwarf planet, pluton and something else?

    Pluton? « Whatever

  • For a beautiful projection reel showing this planet send one pluton to 'Information, Box One, Emigrants' Gap, New Jersey County, Greater New York. '

    Tunnel In The Sky

  • For a complete descriptive listing of all planets now open plus a special list of those to be opened in the near future add another half pluton.

    Tunnel In The Sky

  • He decided to risk that half pluton to find out what was going on.

    Tunnel In The Sky


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