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  • verb Third-person singular simple present indicative form of pluto.


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  • Large portion of human population is being "genetically modified" to play role required of them by plutos.

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  • US/nato/world plutos have in mind an end solution.

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  • Science Give 2 examples of how plutos orbit is like comets and asteroid orbits. also indicate how these orbital properties are not like thos of a major body

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  • Guess I must enjoy feeling intimidated eh. it wld make more sense if we wld avoid harming any human while we progress. but in our 'progress' we hurt mns of people and much of biota. the question to ask wld be, Can we have 'progress' [the one controled by plutos] without regress. and, of course, 'progress' appears to be also causing the warming. socalled progress has caused unprecendented rates of cancer, heart problems, breakup of marriages, murder [on intranat'l and internat'l levels], depression, diabetis, etc.

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  • The pot and spoon could just help them to focus and get there mind off there troubles and just maybe my son and his can have a fighting chance. as an aside, wife and i create more problems than we can solve [just like US]; nevertheless, we solve lotsof them. but we do often make mountains out of molehills and molehills out of mountains. just like world plutos - the modern feudal lords, barons, counts, earls, boyars, contessas, dames - who made afgh'n look like a mountain instead a molehill; while making mollhill out of global warming / warfare. as editors tell me in a 'dignified' way for a dignitary: that's democracy, mister! so it may be OK to fry in the sun democratically. tnx

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  • sorry folks, i am not glating! but that is the greatness of america; for plutos, tho. that is the AMERICAN DREAM. if you don't obtain it, you get the AMERICAN NIGHTMARE. and it is all

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