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  • adj. Of or pertaining to a pod or pods.
  • adj. Fat, corpulent.
  • adj. Fed by hand.
  • n. An unbranded calf.
  • n. A hand-fed calf or lamb (a young animal needing milk or milk-substitute).
  • n. An immature mullet.
  • v. To hand-feed (a young animal).

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Round and stout in the belly; paunch y.
  • n. A common name of Myxus elongatus, a fish found in Australia.


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From pod +‎ -y.


  • - Conclusions reached by Freewest regarding Blackbird's mineralization being "poddy" and discontinuous are ill founded: The Noront geological model referenced by Freewest was an early and incomplete working model developed by Noront's geologists at site to monitor drill results.


  • Then, once having painted another DIer with a stereotype there is nothing left but to use the poddy words and bask in the applause of willing syncophants.

    A Review of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

  • At least we haven't yet stooped down to poddy humor.

    Making Light: Amazon versus Macmillan

  • We found Ric in the garden gazing with considerable distaste at a calf, some goats and a poddy lamb.

    happily ever after

  • Thanks for the poddy insult about my vision, Dane.

    Creationism and Propaganda

  • He has a poddy mouth, and you should probably wash it out with soap.

    Archive 2004-12-12

  • I have sat here day after day this winter, sleeping a good deal in my chair, hardly knowing if I was in London or the Gulf country, dreaming of the blazing sunshine, of poddy-dodging and black stockmen, of Cairns and of Green Island.

    A Town Like Alice

  • I think that after the affair of Mr Curtis and the poddy dodging she became more closely integrated into the life of the Gulf country than she had been before, because even before her marriage there was a subtle change in her letters.

    A Town Like Alice

  • Well, if you do that to a poddy he goes sort of silly and forgets about the herd, and mother.

    A Town Like Alice

  • The poddy corral's round the back of the thick bush, just under the bare hill.

    A Town Like Alice


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