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  • noun One of various species of Gastrolobium.
  • noun The Swain-son pea. See Swainsona.
  • noun A bird's-foot trefoil, Lotus australis.


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  • Wear long pants and socks whenever you're hiking in poison-plant territory.

    How to Treat (and Avoid) Poison Ivy and Other Toxic Plants

  • Terrible theories of doomed incurable sin and predestined loss warned her that an evil stock will only beget contamination: the children of the mad must be liable to madness; the children of the depraved, bent towards depravity; the seed of the poison-plant springs up to blast and ruin, only to be overcome by uprooting and sterilisation, or by the judicious grafting, the patient training of many years.

    Emily Brontë

  • Attack them as the farmer attacks the poison-plant amongst his crops, or the worms and flies which will blight his harvest, and which, unless he can ruin them, he knows full well will ruin him.

    Our Master Thoughts for Salvationists about Their Lord

  • We examined his body, swollen to a tremendous degree, the usual indication of poison-plant -- evidently very virulent and painful, for we could see how, in his death agony, he had torn up the ground with his teeth, and turned and bitten himself most cruelly.

    Spinifex and Sand

  • The next morning was a sad one, for it disclosed the death from poison-plant of poor old Shiddi, one of the best and noblest of camels -- a fine black, handsome old bull.

    Spinifex and Sand

  • The shepherds in this Colony, whose flocks are generally not larger than 500, are supposed to know every individual poison-plant on their beat, and to keep their sheep off it; but with us, it was all chance work, for we couldn't tie the camels up every night, and we could not control them in what they should eat.

    Australia Twice Traversed, Illustrated,

  • There was a great deal of the poison-plant all over this country, not the Gyrostemon, but a sheep-poisoning plant of the Gastrolobium family; and I was always in a state of anxiety for fear the camels should eat any of it.

    Australia Twice Traversed, Illustrated,

  • The back of her book lists famous poison-plant gardens, including Alnwick where

    The Shad Plank


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