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  • n. the object that results when an electron (or hole) in the conduction band of a crystalline insulator or semiconductor polarizes the lattice in its vicinity


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  • My phased polaron beams in battle cruisers raped those undulating Cue Cuppas with their trembling telekinetic blasters and non-phased shields.

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  • “My first suggestion would be to use a polaron burst to try and disrupt the dampening field surrounding one of the mines.”

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  • “We are holding our distance at twenty-five kilometers, and Commander Danhauser is preparing to activate the deflector dish and release the polaron burst.”

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  • When the ship fired its polaron beam at one mine, others within that defensive sphere reacted to the threat, homing in on the source of the beam and attacking it en masse.

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  • The polyacetylene molecule, now positively charged, is termed a radical cation, or polaron (fig. b below).

    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2000 - Information for the Public

  • Its phased polaron beam weapons can cripple much larger enemy vessels, and its deflectors are designed to repel not only incoming weapons fire, but also tractor beams.


  • Each combatant wore a pair of polaron disruptors on each of their hands and feet.


  • While the output from the polaron power plant is second to none, it does somewhat damage one's reputation in the galaxy - and there's its 0.02 % chance of blowing up and taking surrounding structures with it.

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  • Power is produced through several methods, ranging from solar to planetary warp cores or even the more dangerous polaron power plant.

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  • Eight mines, including the one originally targeted by the polaron burst, were maneuvering to surround the T’Saura even as the ship continued to move away from the perimeter of the minefield.

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