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  • n. Plural form of pollutant.


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  • They are difficult to rehabilitate and are often exacerbated by storms that cause runoff of pollutants from the land into the water.

    Aquatic Dead Zones are Assisting Climate Change with Nitrous Oxide | Inhabitat

  • The same path was followed with reductions in pollutants that are responsible for acid rain.

    About: Blinded by Science

  • A potential sticking point would be the cost of separation of heavy metal pollutants from the biodiesel, bwtfdin.

    Algae Mines » E-Mail

  • These silicon fluorides are captured pollutants from the phosphate fertilizer industry.

    Dr. Joseph Mercola: The Health Hazards of Water Fluoridation (VIDEO)

  • Like all top predators, sea otters accumulate pollutants from the tissues of shellfish and other foods they eat -- things like PCBs and heavy metals, which stress their health as well.

    Julie Packard: Saving Sea Otters, Saving Ourselves

  • Our rapidly growing skill set in the field of nanotechnology, they claimed, provided the potential to remove any excess carbon, ozone, methane, and many other kinds of pollutants from the atmosphere in short order.

    365 tomorrows » 2008 » June : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • There is a definite need to remove harmful pollutants from the environment, especially those that cause cancer and soon we may have fields full of modified Poplars happily soaking up natural and man made pollutants from the ground and breaking them down into less harmful substances and either expelling them out into the air or utilizing them within their roots, stems or foliage.

    Thoughts: Our Future Creations - Genetic Pollution

  • Eliminating pollutants is commendable and necessary!

    Green Burial: When Dust Really Returns to Dust

  • The amendments simply require acid rain pollutants in 2010 to be reduced to where they were before 1980.


  • The amendments simply require acid rain pollutants in 2010 to be reduced to where they were before 1980. arne: Here ya go: Despite these difficulties, a few statements are possible: in Alpine ice coress sulfate concentrations increased roughly by a factor of 10 since the beginning of the industrial period (about 1870), with a maximum around 1975 (Schwikowski et al., 1999a) or 1980 (Preunkert et al., 2001), followed by a significant decrease after that.



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